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Over the past few years I was fortunate and blessed to have worked with a great company and with some great Technologies. “If we don’t know how to utilize our time and resources well, we’ll end up not getting much work done”. We all search in web for tools or plugins that will help us in improving our productivity but may not end up with the right one. I would like to list some of the tools or plugins which we have used and proved to be really helpful.


LinqPad is a perfect tool when you want to test your sample code without running visual studio. Just because the name is LinqPad it doesn’t mean it only does LINQ, it also supports C#,F#,VB expression, statement or a program .LinqPad instantly executes the code and see the results without running the application. LinqPad saves a lot of our time which we normally waste in compiling and running the application, navigating to the screen for testing the code. 

We can write and test our code in LinqPad and paste the working code in Visual Studio .We can reference our assembly in LinqPad and debug the code by attaching the LinqPad process. We can even save the LinqPad queries which can be used later. LinqPad also comes with some preinstalled examples which will help us in learning the languages much better.

The main application is free, but there is an intellisense feature which you have to pay.

You can learn more about LinqPad by visiting “https://www.linqpad.net/”.


As JavaScript is increasingly used in modern web applications developers need powerful debugging tools to quickly discover and fix the issue. Firebug is a free Mozilla Firefox extension which helps in debugging, monitoring and editing CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

Firebug lets us pause JavaScript code execution at any point by putting the break points and see the value of variables. Firebug also helps us in inspecting the request and response object involved in an AJAX call. Firebug helps us to easily check whether proper values are passed in the Ajax request and we have received the proper response. Any error occurred during the execution will be properly displayed in the Firebug console in red.

Firebug also helps in fixing CSS errors .Firebug helps us to inspect and edit CSS properties and see the results instantly.

You can learn more about Firebug by visiting “http://getfirebug.com/”.


Snoop is an open source tool for spying and debugging WPF application .Snoop can be used for inspecting the visual tree of our running application and also allows making changes while the app is running.

Suppose we are new to a WPF application and if we are facing difficulty in grasping how the UI is tied together and the bindings, snoop tool will help us in understanding the application better.  Snoop will help us in viewing each and every control and properties in the entire user interface .Snoop also makes debugging WPF data binding easier. We can even modify the binding value using snoop tool.

Snoop tool saves a lot of time in debugging and fixing errors.

You can learn more about snoop by visiting “https://snoopwpf.codeplex.com/”.

 Advanced Rest Client

Advanced Rest Client is a Google Chrome extension which helps us in testing RESTful web services.  Advanced Rest Client provides interface for specifying the REST service url, selecting the request types i.e. (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE). Another feature of Advanced Rest Client it allows to construct POST or PUT body via form interface.

Advanced Rest Client provides the response result to be viewed as Raw, XML or JSON format.

This tool also helps us in debugging our REST Service by attaching to the server process where we have hosted our service.

You can learn more about Advanced Rest Client by visiting “https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/advanced-rest-client/hgmloofddffdnphfgcellkdfbfbjeloo


ApexSQL complete is add-in for SQL Server Management Studio. Auto Complete feature allows the user to easily find a table, database etc from the hint list which pops up when the user starts typing.

Apex SQL complete provides code completion which helps by automatically providing SQL keywords, databases, tables, procedures and functions.

You can learn more about ApexSQL by visiting “http://www.apexsql.com/”.
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About the author: Prayag Pavitran

Prayag is a Senior Software Engineer working at IncRev. He specializes in UI Technologies like WPF, AngularJS, HTML5. PHP, Programming languages like C# and Database programming in SQL Server.